Welcome to the special site for all InfoCrank® riders and those who would like to be…

It is all about getting faster!

Once you can measure accurately with your InfoCrank®, the focus of MYPOWER goes onto improving your speed and increasing your enjoyment on the bike.

What is MYPOWER?

The MYPOWER subscription connects you…

  • Lets you manage your training data and schedules
  • Supports you with technical advice
  • Connects you to a community of users
  • Links you to expert advise in your sport
  • Access to specialist training camps and events

Register your new InfoCrank® and get 4 weeks free subscription to get you going.

A subscription of just €10.00 per month gives you full access to all the benefits of the MYPOWER programme.

Every InfoCrank® rider is invited to join MYPOWER and participate in the benefits.  If you don’t yet own an InfoCrank®, you may also join from here and purchase your InfoCrank® and immediately share in the benefits.

MYPOWER is an integrated programme designed for those riders who want to improve their cycling and enjoy increasing challenges.  It is all about you and the achievement of your cycling goals.  It starts with accurate measuring, topped with great, simple to enact advice, with on-going access to world-class analysis tools.  Then great servings of training camps and events are laid out for you to motivate you to greater improvement and enjoyment.   On top of this is preferential pricing for InfoCrank® and associated gear including 3rd party products that have been tested and approved by Verve Cycling®

When you look back, whether in three months or three years, you will be amazed at how much you have progressed!

More Benefits of MYPOWER Registration

 – Access to preferential pricing on InfoCrank® and associated products.
 – Ongoing membership of mypower.todaysplan for uploading of all ride data and ongoing analysis.
 – An initial 12 week plan designed for you to get you started on the Improvement path.
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– Preferential pricing to Verve and partner training camps to help you go the next step.
– Access to Industry and Verve experts on power for your direct questions.
– Verve subsidy for installation of your new InfoCrank® at a good bike shop.
– Access to preferential pricing from Verve tested 3rd party products.
– Feedback on your progress from time to time from Verve experts.
– Ability to ask Verve questions in relation to your 12 week training plan and get expert guidance.
– A growing library of valuable information to help you improve in all aspects of your cycling.
– Access to some key bucket list events in conjunction with camps.
– Early access to new Verve products.
– Referral to expert power coaches globally when you require.
– Ongoing phone, email, help desk assistance from Verve in relation to your InfoCrank®
– Occasional opportunities to purchase used or second hand InfoCranks
– A special “keep you powered” replacement service is available to MYPOWER riders.

Enjoy the full benefits of MYPOWER

Discover more about INFOCRANK now

InfoCrank® is a highly complex scientific unit, but we made sure it was a super easy install, setup and beautiful to ride. From start to finish of your ride, an InfoCrank bike power meter records true Left and Right power balance, Pedal Smoothness, Torque Effectiveness and Cadence – all without skipping a beat.

With InfoCrank®, you can now measure directly at the source where you apply torque to the cranks. Riders like Robbie McEwen could only have wished for dual sided cycling power meters in their day, but even if you’re not a Green Jersey winner, InfoCrank® will bring big benefits to your riding.